The Story of Al Alwaan-A Kitchen Built on the Legacy of Love

What makes the story of Al Alwaan inspirational is that its seed was sown by the talent and resilience of a woman. The year was 1990 when Nisreen Ben Sahiba, started catering her favorite cuisine from her quaint kitchen in her home in Haidery. Famed in her circle of acquaintances as having the hands of a masterchef, upon request of family and friends, she began cooking her unique signature dishes for small events.

A Breath of Fresh Air:

The trend in food for weddings in the early 90’s was the typical fare of red chicken, black pepper lemon dasti and biryani. Yet, Nisreen Ben Sahiba, armed with the recipes of her Indian mother and grandmother prepared dishes that were not only tantalizing to taste but a dream visually. Items like pies, grilled dishes, baked dishes, crepes and pancakes, ice creams in coconut shells, coconut water served as shots, dessert in frozen ice bowls, Schezuan chicken in spaghetti baskets and many such striking dishes stunned visitors, appealed to all palettes and became the talk of the town.

So much was the initial popularity that she had to add a few extra stoves to her home kitchen to handle the influx of orders. A brand image under the name of ‘Nisreen Ben Saab’ was created and people requested for catering of nominal sized dinners and lunches.

The Journey Takes a Learning Curve:

It was the year 1996 when Janab Muder Bhaisaheb was bestowed the august service of being incharge of Mawaid Saifiyah, the kitchen at the Arabic Academy of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Karachi where 400 young students come for spiritual and secular education and reside in the institute’s hostel. Armed with priceless experience in catering, Nisreen Ben Sahiba’s support of her husband in revamping the menu and renovating the kitchen at Al Jamea were inspirational. To-date students remember the mouth-watering and unique cuisine which was served during Janab Muder Bhaisaheb’s 10 year tenure at the Mawaid.

“This served to be a great learning experience for me to learn the ropes of how to cater for a large number of people and take orders of a greater magnitude,” Nisreen ben Sahiba shares.

Al Alwaan in Blessed and Born:

In the year 2006, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA bestowed the name ‘Al Alwaan’ to the catering venture which is now a decade old and is a thriving family business and spearheaded by the younger generation.

Al Alwaan Foods may have come a long way from the tiny home kitchen manned by a one-woman army to a full-fledged catering business with a dynamic team that now caters to weddings, parties and high profile commercials events. Yet, the one thing that remains constant is the ingredient of love that goes into preparing every single dish and the attention to detail which makes each cuisine memorable and special.

The Quality Al Alwaan Delivers:

Today, Al Alwaan Foods has become synonymous with unmatched quality, authentic taste and perfect presentation not only in the Dawoodi Bohra community but all over Karachi. The use of halal and fresh ingredients, the use of soya bean oil for healthy cooking, procuring meat and vegetables from trusted and high end vendors and avoiding unhealthy ingredients like ajinomoto, nutmeg and mace have helped Al Alwaan carve a niche for itself as an elite, yet affordable catering company that never compromises on quality.

For the most tasteful and tantalizing variety of local and continental cuisine catering in Karachi, log onto the Al Alwaan Foods website and make your event a truly memorable one.

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