Have a Scrumptiously Meaty Eid with Al Alwaan Foods

Eid ul Adha is a memorable time—one awaited for the entire year for its unique spiritual significance and traditional rituals. As far as preparing for Eid ul Adha is concerned, the men of the family tend to the animal to be offered as a sacrifice, while the women slave for weeks to prepare the spices and marinades to cook the meat in tantalizing varieties.

This year, try the convenience of Al Alwaan Foods so that you can actually savour the meaty treats without the hassle.

For Eid ul Adha 2020 Al Alwaan Food has prepared a range to cater to your convenience:

  1. Ready to Eat Dishes
  2. Your meat; our recipe: Cooking your meat our way
  3. Indoor BBQ’s: Marinating your Meat

Ready to Eat Dishes:

If you aren’t in a mood to cook, simply pre order from our range of ready-to-eat meat dishes so you can actually enjoy the family time.

There’s the signature beef nihari to enjoy over Eid breakfast which will be the perfect start to your Eid holidays. You could also try the Al Alwaan traditional Laal Masala Dasti if you are hoping for a savoury customary meal, otherwise the perfectly seasoned Black Pepper and Lemon Dasti is an unforgettable treat with a continental twist. For a really special indulgence, try the richly flavoured Mutton Mandi or the Mediterranean succulence of the Al Alwaan Lebanese Platter.

For dessert the Bohra speciality of Malai Khaja and Malida are both tantalizing options to choose from.

Your Meat, Our Recipe:

Here’s another popular win-win and easy option–you give us your meat, be it mutton, beef or veal and we will prepare it in one of the signature Al Alwaan recipes of your choice. You could opt for our variety of biryanis (Zafrani or Bombay) or charcoal karahi for a meal on the terrace. Al Alwaan excels at preparing the dasti, raan or ribs you will give us in delectable variety of sauces: from traditional Tikka and Laal Masala to the Black Pepper and Lemon, BBQ and cheese sauce and malai boti—there’s a recipe that will provoke your taste buds and appease your palette. For those who relish chops Al Alwaan’s Namkeen Chops and boti with the garlic dip have you coming back for more.

Indoor BBQ’s: Marinating your Meat:

And last but certainly not the least-‘Tis the season for BBQ’s. To make sure you have the perfectly marinated meat to grill with ease, just entrust the food connoisseurs at Al Alwaan Foods with your meat and we will cut and marinate it so it is tenderized to perfection and cooks immediately.

If its kababs and botis and you are anticipating a traditional Eastern BBQ, try the behari boti, seekh kabab, chapli kabab, chandan kabab and Lebansese kabab marinations. If its dasti and raan then the options are all tantalizing: Tikka, Mediterranean or Cream and Herbs marinade! And for ribs and chops we marinate it in the authentically prepared BBQ spices which will have you licking your fingers.

Simply contact our representative at 0330 2525353, visit our facebook page or the Al Alwaan website and make this Eid ul Adha as scrumptiously meaty as possible.

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